Solo Journey Around the Baltic Sea by Bike

In the summer of 2015, I cycled from Copenhagen to Copenhagen, a complete 3800km circumnavigation of the Baltic Sea, solo and unsupported, in just 35 days. The trip started with freezing nights camping in deep forests of the Nordic countries, then transitioned to terrifying and at times goofy Russian traffic, then I explored the ex-Soviet Baltic nations, slept on stunning white-sand beaches in Poland, and finally pushed hard on exhausted legs through Germany and Denmark to arrive back in Copenhagen within hours of my designated cut-off time. This film was entirely self-shot and edited on a single GoPro. By making this film, I aim to encourage more women (and everyone else!) to get on their bikes and go find an adventure.




My first book, Keep The Sea To The Right, is available now! Woohoo!

Where you can hear more about the adventure:

For the full, 66,948 word account of the adventure, please pick up your copy of Keep The Sea To The Right!

I will be speaking and showing the film at the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling on June 14.

You can see the Baltic Sea Cycle film at the Adventure Travel Film Festival 2016/17. I will be at the London premier of the fest appearing on the Ask The Experts panel for human-powered expeditions, so please come say hi!

Thanks to Edinburgh Bicycle Coop for their support. Read about the trip on their blog here.

View some of my favourite pics on Instagram.

Listen to the radio interview on Travel With Beryl here.

Keep The Sea To The Right - One woman's journey to circumnavigate the Baltic Sea by bicycle. 3,800km, nine countries, one sea.

Staring at a map and daydreaming of adventure, Jennifer's eyes landed on the Baltic Sea. With nine countries lining the shore of this fascinating body of water, she quickly became captivated by the idea of a journey by bicycle all the way around it. A few weeks later, she landed in Copenhagen with her trusty steel bicycle, two loaded panniers, and a mission to ride a complete circumnavigation of the shore, not stopping until she arrived back in Copenhagen.

Keep The Sea To The Right is the tale of Jennifer Tough’s 3,800-kilometre journey to circumnavigate the entire Baltic Sea coastline by bicycle, solo. In this book, she shares the triumphs and trials of her journey, from wild camping, enchanting history, Russian drivers, perfect beaches, challenging roads, heartache, and exhaustion, all while consuming quite a lot of coffee to complete her challenge. Folded in with her story is advice and experience from years of traveling the world by bicycle that will inspire you to go find an adventure too...

Get your copy here, or on iBooks here.